5 Of The Most Popular & Worst Menswear Fashion Trends Ever

Menswear fashion is an ever-changing thing that constantly highlights some of the best - and worst - outfits out there. If you would like to stay on top of trends and know what to do and what not to do, it's important that you learn what's popular and what's not so trendy anymore.

Learning about these awesome and awful fashion trends can help you build your style and might even turn you on to some styles that you weren't interested in before.

Keep reading to learn all about some of the best and worst that men's fashion has to offer.

5 Fashion Trends To Try And 5 To Avoid

Before you continue, it's also important to note that everyone has different tastes, especially when it comes to fashion topics like menswear. If you like something and you don't care about what's fashionable at the moment, you shouldn't feel discouraged from wearing it.

However, in the fashion world's eyes, there are a few do's and don'ts that you may want to be aware of. So, some of the best and worst men's fashion trends are:

Best - Athleisure. Athleisure is the trend of wearing athletic clothes from respected brands like Nike as casual clothing. These comfortable and casual clothes that used to be purely for working out are now enjoyed as everyday wear. A wonderful part about this menswear trend is that athletic clothing is comfortable and stylish, so you do not have to sacrifice one for the other.

Worst - Bucket Hats. These unflattering hats might be comfortable and offer great sun protection, but they're not very fashionable, especially if you want to give off a stylish aura. You may want to keep your bucket hat for a sunny day, but not if you want to look like a chic modern man.

Best - Smart Casual. Similar to business casual, this trend helps men look casual yet professional. This timeless look is perfect for any casual occasion, whether you're shopping with friends or heading off to a family gathering.

Worst - Fanny Packs. Crossover fanny packs give you a convenient place to put your wallet and keys - but are they fashionable menswear? Most people would say no. These packs are better suited for when you're working out or need a place to store small items, not as a fashion statement.

Best - Minimalism. Simple doesn't always mean boring, and minimalism is a perfect example of this. Putting together simple outfits like a classic black shirt with a casual pair of jeans is a great way to look traditional yet intriguing. Overly-busy outfits can be interesting, but they can also be gaudy if you go too far.

Worst - Deep V-Necks. There's nothing wrong with regular v-neck shirts, but deep v-necks are a bit too revealing for most people. If you enjoy v-necks, maybe stick to the regular ones or go with a crew-cut shirt.

Best - Turtleneck Under A Blazer. Wearing a sweater under a blazer is the perfect marriage of comfort and class. If you want to wear high-class menswear but it's a little chilly out, this could be the ideal option for you. This pairing is another stylish look that can be enjoyed nearly anywhere.

Worst - Sagging Pants. Many men wonder why this was a fashion trend in the first place. Sagging pants look awkward, feel uncomfortable and can't be pleasant to walk around in. This look started as an anti-authoritarian statement during the 1990s. Unless you are trying to make a statement about authoritarian policies, maybe stick to pants that fit your body.

Best - Jeans. Like the classic tee shirt, high-quality jeans are a menswear fashion trend that will never disappear. A great pair of jeans feel comfortable, look incredible and are very durable. Although they are usually a shade of blue, they can also come in other hues, so you can conveniently find one that fits your style.

Worst - Chunky Trainers. Trainers can be very stylish if you choose the right ones. Unfortunately, oversized chunky trainers are not the right ones. While there are ways to make this look work, over-the-top trainers rarely look nice.

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