Fashionable Brands of Menswear That Create The Best Impression


One of the first things anyone notices about someone upon meeting them for the first time is how they dress. Men who wear high-end branded menswear are often perceived as highly respectable, well put together people. Conversely, men who dress like they just rolled out of bed are more likely to give off the impression that they are lazy or don’t care. If you want to always show the people around you that you’re a man who takes pride in his life, you should know the best men’s clothing brands in New Zealand.

This article will give you a handful of top tier brands that you may want to check out.

The Top Brands You Should Look For If You Want Classy New Menswear

Dressing well is one of the best ways you can leave a good impression, whether you’re going to an important job interview, you’re meeting someone important for the first time or you just want to feel and look incredible. No matter what your career or path in life is, having some more high-quality clothing in your wardrobe is always a good thing.

Are you looking to get some more fashionable clothes? Or, do you have an event coming up and you need some nice new clothes to look more presentable? If you need lovely contemporary menswear for any reason, you should consider looking at the following brands as a start:

Cambridge Clothing Co. If you’re a New Zealander who takes pride in wearing clothing from local companies, then you’ll love the selection at Cambridge Clothing Co. This renowned clothing company was established in Auckland and started creating shirts way back in 1867. Their determination and hard work persevered, which is why they’re still active and successful even today. When you wear clothing from their collection, you’re wearing something made by people who have perfected the art of creating outstanding attire.

Cutler & Co. Looking for something with a touch of colourful flair and classy sophistication? Cutler & Co is known for their stylish designs and ease of wear. When you put on one of these pieces of incredible menswear, you’ll look outstanding while feeling comfortable as well. Their clothing is a beautiful choice for when you want to look fashionable but don’t want to feel restrained by tight clothes.

Dstrezzed. This relatively recent company was founded in 2010 in the Netherlands, and they have made a big name for themselves. Their fundamental brand values are sophisticated, quirky, modern style clash and brotherhood - and it definitely shows in their work. This company’s collection is perfect for men who want quality clothing that’ll make them look fresh and refined.

Gibson Suiting. Among all the other kinds of men’s clothing out there, there’s nothing quite like a nice suit. At Gibson Suiting, they expertly tailor their suits to look classically marvellous but with a modern twist. Their perfectly created shirts and jackets are absolutely splendid if you’re trying to look incredible. Studies have shown that dressing for success works, and this handsome menswear is a fantastic way to show off your impeccable fashion sense to your acquaintances and coworkers.

Levi’s. Levi branded blue jeans are so popular and prevalent that even people who barely know anything about fashion brands can recognise them. Levi’s has been creating and selling these high-quality jeans for over 150 years now, so there’s a lot of history behind every pair of jeans. These stylish jeans are ideal for men who want to wear something first-rate, even if they’re in a casual setting.

R M Williams. Founded in Australia in 1932, this brand has become well-known for its breathtaking footwear that is enjoyed by people all around the world. This is one of the best clothing brands to go to if you want new leather boots, and they carry a fine selection of other kinds of menswear as well.

Thomson & Richards. Known for their eye-catching contemporary designs and quality fabrics, Thomson & Richards has become a favourite among men who enjoy their unique looks. These shirts are best worn with jeans for when you want to look more casually stylish or paired with a nice blazer for when you want to dress up nicely.

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